El Rodeo School

El Rodeo's "Ukulele Revolution"

"We are having our own ukulele revolution!" says Dr. Andrea Kay, the Instrumental Music Specialist at El Rodeo School.

There are 65 students in grades 5-8 currently learning to play the ukulele at El Rodeo. In addition to those who are learning during regular class-time hours, a large group of band and orchestra students also join in the fun by working with Dr. Kay during a lunch-time Ukulele Club.

The students love learning to play, strum and sing along to folk tunes, pop tunes and even some Hawaiian cultural melodies.  Several students take their ukuleles out to sit beneath the trees during lunch as they work together to teach and learn new songs. Dr. Kay says you just might hear some music from Elvis Presley's Hawaiian catalog floating through the air around campus!