Music Center Cultural Arts Assemblies
The Music Center on Tour brings the immediacy of live performance to schools. These performances reflect and clebrate the finest artistic contributions from the world's cultures-from the colorful regional dances of Mexico to equisite music of the Middle East, from the pulsating rhythms of West Africa to the golden harmonies of early 20th Century America.
All Music Center on Tour performances are designed to completment and enhance student workshop series. All assemblies include written teacher preparation materials whick contain background information on the artist and specific pre/post assemblie activities for the classroom as well as connections to multiple content areas.
Thankfully, due to the continued support of our parents and extensive funding from the El Rodeo PTA, our students have been able to participate in these amazing multicultural arts assemblies at El Rodeo School for many years. Each year, co-chairs Jodi Galen and Sandra Walder work closely with teachers from each grade level team to discuss curriculum connections to the grade level standards and then select assemblies/workshops that support those connections through out the year. This level of enrichment provides all students access to an educational experience that brings learning alive.
Bringing this extension of learning to El Rodeo students would not be possible if it were not for the generous financial support of our families through PTA fundraising and the volunteer hours needed to coordinate and organize this program for the year. El Rodeo has one of the largest Music Center on Tour Assemblies programs in all of Los Angeles County. Thank you El Rodeo parents and supporters of this incredible program.
Grade Level Assemblies:
  South America, Land of the Harps
  Poetry Jam
  Dr. Sue's Insect Zoo
  Chameleons Wonder of Words/workshop
  The Bully Dudes
First Grade
  Marionettes Carnival of Animals
  Latin Stories
  Poetry Jam
  Beatrix Potter
  World of Music
  Cameleons Mime Over Matter Workshop
  The Bully Dudes
Second Grade:
  Poetry Jam
  Marionette Carnival Animals
  Art of Marionettes and Puppets (The Puppet Lady!)
  World of Music
  Bully Dudes
Third Grade:
  Fundamentals of Origami Workshop
  Puppet Marionette Workshop
  Bully Dudes
Fourth Grade:
  Northwind Quintet
  David Prather
  Lotta Crabtree Classroom
  World of Music
  Mask Messenger
  Bully Dudes
Fifth Grade:
  Got Rhythm
  Mozart: Child Prodigy
  Roots of Rhythm
  Letters to Harriet Tubman
  Abigail Adams
Middle School:
  Got Rhythm  (6-7)
  Brass Pacifica  (6)
  Letters to Harriet Tubman  (5,8)
  The Pink Dress  (8)
  Diane Ferlatte   (7-8)
  Midsummer Night's Dream  (7)
  The Odyssey  (6)
  Musical Theatre Guild  (7-8)
  The Going South Band  (6-7)
Scheduled assemblies are subject to change


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