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Welcome parents and students to the wonderful world of Spanish! Here at El Rodeo we offer an exciting 2 year program of Foreign Language. In Level 1, 7th grade students will explore the many aspects of culture and concepts of the language. Some of the many activities in Level 1 include "Fun with Geography" (travel brochures), salsa dancing, exploring the arts, performing skits, creating menus, preparing dishes from Hispanic countries, singing and exploring the many celebrations of the Spanish -speaking world. In addition, students will begin with the basics of the alphabet and numbers and by the end of the year, students will be able to compose essays and communicate in the target language. In Level 2, students have already established the foundation and will continue to explore the language in more depth. During this year, students will increase their comprehension of vocabulary and grammar. Some activities in the past include soccer games (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid), holiday caroling, producing Spanish music videos as well as commercials, engaging in skits, celebrating the many dishes from around the world as well as learning with games and hands-on activities.
In my opinion, there is no other job in the world that is more rewarding than teaching. I feel blessed and extremely fortunate to be here at El Rodeo and to be giving the gift of learning. I believe learning should be fun and exciting and that is my personal goal each and everyday!