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4th Grade
  • 11th year of teaching Fourth Grade at El Rodeo.
  • Grew up in the Beverly Hills Schools, going to Beverly Vista from Kindergarten to 8th grade and Beverly Hills High School from 9th-12th grade.
  • Received Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UCLA in 1993.
  • Received Master's degree in Educational Psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 1996.
  • Worked for a year as the Children's Programs Coordinator for a homeless shelter for children and families in Santa Barbara.
  • Earned Teaching Credential from UC Santa Barbara in 1998.
In fourth grade, the students will be learning all about the geography and history of California, learning about who lived in our state before we did.  The students will learn about ecosystems, slow and rapid changes to Earth's surface, and electricity & magnetism and will have the privilege of doing weekly experiments in the middle school science lab.  In math, they will learn about multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, algebra, measurement and probability and statistics, but equally emphasized will be THINKING about math and what it means!  In our language arts program, we read stories from a basal reader in large and small group, read literature books that connect to other areas of the curriculum, have Word Play stations which reinforce vocabulary and figurative language, and write - a lot!  Aside from writing responses, reactions, and reflections to all of the content areas,  our students explore three genres of writing (Fictional Narrative, Summary, and Response to Literature) and become proficient writers.  The students interact with each other, sometimes with partners, sometimes in small groups, and sometimes as a whole class while engaging in meaningful dialogue about the curricular topic at hand.   My goals are to get my students ready for 5th grade and to get them to become great thinkers!

            We are looking forward to a wonderful 4th grade year!