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My name is Tracey MacGregor. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree from C.S.U.N. in Business Management along with a Teaching Credential and Master's of Education Degree from Pepperdine University. I have been teaching at El Rodeo for the past 20 years. I came into the teaching profession after many years in business management. When my son, Daniel, was 4 years old he was diagnosed with speech and language disabilities and after spending years learning on my own to assist him and through the encouragement of friends, I eventually discovered the love of teaching and decided to change careers. I have a terrific husband, two wonderful children and dog named Martini. My daughter Alisha graduated from C.S.U.N. with her teaching credential and is currently teaching at-risk 7-12 grade students through a public charter school, Opportunities for Learning. My son Daniel is currently teaching 6th and 7th grade STEM classes for a charter school. I have many hobbies which include laughing, cooking, reading, walking and spending time with family and friends. I try to the best of my ability to make school fun, humorous and interesting. At the same time, I have very high expectations of my students.

I would like all parents to feel free to e-mail me at tmacgregor@bhusd.org if there are any concerns or questions regarding your child's work or classroom assignments. I use e-mail as my primary source of communication between myself and the parents of my students. Generally, I will send home class updates/reminders weekly. These updates will inform you of upcoming school/class events, classroom assignments, clarifications of assignments, field trips, etc. You should be kept well informed of what is happening in your child's 3rd grade class. If you would like to help our classroom, please let me know. I also encourage parents to be sure to come for field trips, special writing weeks, or if you have a special talent that you would love to share with us.

I would also like to emphasize that your child is the one person responsible for doing their own school work and remembering to bring it to school each day. Encouragement and assistance from parents is vital; however please remember that it is ultimately your child that needs to become a lifelong learner. If for some reason your child can not complete his or her homework, just be sure to write a short note on it so that I know what happened. This way I can follow through the next day and help your child where it is needed.

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Each night homework will consist of approx. 20 - 30 minutes, with an additional 20 minutes of reading. I beg and plead with you to be sure your child reads each night, even weekends. You can read to him or her, they can read to you, or you can share the event. All educational research overwhelmingly proves that daily reading is a key element in the success of children in all curricular areas. Reading Logs will be passed out each Monday and expected to be returned the following Monday. If for some reason the reading log is lost or misplaced, then just use another piece of paper to write down the days of the week, the title of the book read and how long they read for. A parent's signature on the reading log tells me that you have participated in your child's reading assignments for that week.

El Rodeo’s 3rd grade team focuses on Common Core Standards in all curricular areas. The curriculum is delivered with a student based, active focus which differentiates and meets the needs of all students. Each student is thought of as an individual and their success is our primary concern. Personalization and individual attention is promoted by small class size. Students are given many opportunities to demonstrate academic proficiency in a variety of ways. Our program is enriched through support staff in the areas of music, technology, visual arts, performing arts, Physical Education, school counselor and library staff. Additional enrichment comes through programs sponsored by our active P.T.A., which include Music Center performances and workshops (origami and puppetry), S.T.A.R. Science labs, and field trips both on and off campus. Parent support also enables us to bring educational programs into our individual classrooms. We regularly meet as a grade level to share best practices and use different forms of assessments to help guide instruction. Professional development is an ongoing district and personal goal.

I look forward to a wonderful school year.